Getting Rid Of Bee Hives On The Ground

Boiling water and SoapBoiling is the most eco-destroying nests in the Earth. For this option to the coast to work on the nest should be directly under the hole, how to use this method, which will not work in large underground nests, because the product can not reach the entire nest. Wait that night, inhabited bugs then cook at least 8 cups of water, take the container to the nest entrance hole and you pay them. Move quickly. Repeat every night until no more insects. Boiling getting rid of bee hives on the ground of water treatment works well in combination with a solution of water and SOAP peppermint. Thanks to the combination of mint or a liquid soap dish perfumed SOAP 2 cups 2 cups of hot water with a few drops of peppermint oil. Wait until dusk, when the insects are settled during the night. Make mixing SOAP and pour out the bottom of the entrance of the nest. Immediately after with 8 cups of boiling hot water and with impunity to go out with him. To repeat, when insects are always active on the following night, and, .